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Learn about stock photography for entrepreneurship.

Learn how to create photos for selling online to stock photo market, how to set up camera, how to do photo postproduction, how to make profile (upload photos, make description, keywords) how to organize future work.

Tutorials (Video manuals) are titled and translated in sign language for deaf youth in 7 languages: Albanian, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Montenegrin, Romanian, Serbian and Turkish but we plan to add more as we go. 


Association Beyond Barriers, from Albania

Association of disabled and other disadvantage youngsters. Organization have experiences in Human rights, education, professional courses, training, infrastructure, employment, counseling, youth exchanges in and abroad country.


Center for Development of Social Entrepreneurship, from Bosnia and Herzegovina

Works for social youth entrepreneurship.
Center members enable competences in development of social entrepreneurship.


Association Change is in You, from Bulgaria

Works on humanism and democracy youth work with disadvanteged youth groups. Organization support youth with financial and human capacity. One of the main priorities of the organization is the inclusion and work with people with disadvantaged backgrounds and fewer opportunities.


Association of Youth with Disabilities
of Montenegro, from Montenegro

It gathers youth with all kinds of disabilities, as well as people without disabilities willing to promote rights of persons with disabilities. Have expertise and experience in encouraging young people with disabilities to acquire higher education, creating the necessary conditions, education of teachers and students about the rights of persons with disabilities.


Association Access for All, from Romania

Works with people with disabilities having trouble in their integration on the labour market. Have been active in providing trainings/free counselling to persons people with disabilities having trouble in their integration on the labour market.


Association Art Network, from Serbia

Network made from members who are artists, photographers, musitiants, painters, educators, creative entrepreneurs, youth workers and youth. Through art "Art Network" works on positive promotion and education of values and creative thinking audience, which is mainly youth. Also doing promtion of intercultural dialogue through art and culture. 


Edirne youth and education
association, from Turkey

Work with disability rights, social and economic issues. Organization have skills and expertise in Culture, Severity and disability rights, social and economic issues to create employment by providing training to young people and youth creativity and productivity of our country and our people to take action locally, regional, national and international social search for remedies to solve the problems in education and youth-related issues.


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We are:

Team is made from organizations, institutions and individual experts, youth workers, social workers who work on improving education of deaf youth.

Our goal is:

Making positive social changes will lead to more humane and better world and future.

Our Aim is:

To improve and increase entrepreneurship of deaf youth using non-formal learning methods regarding commercial stock photography.

About Project: 
Original name of this long term international project is "Realize with your eyes" (602430-EPP-1-2018-1-RS-EPPKA2-CBY-WB) that is co-funded by Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commision. It is about supporting unemployed deaf youth through learning how to use photography possibilities for employment/entrepreneurship.

Aim of Project:
-Opening new opportunities for deaf youth jobs
-Teaching new methods for support unemployed deaf youth
-Making a network for international support of creative deaf youth entrepreneurs
-Making a Video Tutorial for using the methods of commercial stock photography for deaf youth entrepreneurship

History of project idea:

This project was inspired by a project that we had already implemented which was about using commercial photography for youth entrepreneurship. 

The specific need that our project intends to solve is unemployment of deaf youth. Concretely more than 43% of deaf youth that are unemployed in all participating countries (research done by Public national institution for employment).

Will resolve:

- lack of info about possibilities for deaf youth using photography (research by Google, social networks)

- lack of working methods for improvement of deaf youth creative potentials, using photography methods

- currently there is no info that deaf youth can work as photographers 


Idea is the use of eyesight as advantage of deaf youth over others. Idea is to work on strenght of deaf youth instead of weacknesses. 

Hearing impairment has no effect on the quality of the product in the field of photography which gives deaf youth a more and new opportunities in entrepreneurship. 

This project will focus on overcoming the problems that deaf youth have while trying to acquire employment and start their own entrepreneurship. 


When our team started working on this project in 2018, we realized there was no other program focusing solely on education of deaf youth in the field of entrepreneurship with using photography and photography stock market. 

Hence the project’s impact will be to become a pioneer in this field by providing deaf youth with easily available database of knowledge and a network where everyone can share accomplishments, ideas, information and experiences.

This newly built network will also serve as an incentive and example of successful working practices for future projects with the similar goal.

Video Tutorial



To improve skills and practical knowledge of deaf youth and youth workers working with deaf youth. 

Creative deaf youth jobs      

To create new opportunities for development of deaf youth entrepreneurship using methods of commercial stock photography.


This project offers skills that can be used directly on the stock photography market and can support entrepreneurship amongst people with hearing impairment.


To develop a network for international support of creative deaf youth entrepreneurs.


To create a video manuals about commercial stock photography for deaf youth entrepreneurs.

Global market  

To educate deaf youth photographers about techniques and standards to be according to the the global market standards.

Erasmus +

Project is co-funded by Programme of the European Commision


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